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Experience of two travellers on Samosir island
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Posted : 22 Mar 2010
We're two Dutch students travelling around Sumatra. We enjoyed our stay on Samosir island! The island is very beautiful and it's easy to discover the rice fields, traditional Batak culture, flowers and palm trees by motorcycle, cycle and foot. During our stay in Tuk Tuk there were not so many other tourists. There are many hotels and restaurants, but not enough tourists to give the area the sprakling atmosphere it would merit.
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Posted : 03 Apr 2010
Cool..great to hear about your nice experience in Samosir. Hopefully , more tourist visiting Samosir. If you are interesting, to write something i would love to publish your experience there at the samosirtourism.com news section, with a few photo. If you do please email  to henrymanik@samosirtourism.com ..Hartelijk bedankt.
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